Football Fan Room Decor is an Other game on {{website}}. You can play Football Fan Room Decor in your browser for free. Maximus is very passionate about football. Every evening he would play football with his friends. His passion for the game keeps him alive and rejuvenates all the time. Wherever tournaments take place there will be Maximus. He is an ardent follower of the football player Maradona since childhood. His father has newly built a house for him. He wants to adorn the room in a grand manner. There is no one who knows what the room requires except you. The sister of Maximus is your bosom-friend. She requests you to embellish the room with the materials available. Keep all the works aside and help the man decorate the room. Tomorrow the friends of Maximus and the friends of her sister will come to pay them a visit. Make use the furniture to the maximum. Place things in the appropriate order. Your arrangement of things plays a vital role. After the makeover play football wit

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